Richinbar Mine

Richinbar Mine
Richinbar Mine - Photo from 1940 - Courtesy of Arizona Geologic Survey files

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Testimonial Letter

I received this letter from Joyce Sackett, thanking me for my historic research and song-writing work.  Joyce is the great-niece of William Porter Jones, the subject of my song, "A Miner's Letter Home":
"The first I heard of Robert Gibney was that he had seen the donation of the Sharlot Hall Museum.  My message said that he had written a song about our Great-Uncle, William Porter Jones, who was massacred by Indians in 1864 in Prescott.  In Bob's exploring of mining in the territory, he was drawn to the story described in the letters.  Bob came to meet my husband and me in Sun Lakes.  He had many photos of where the events occurred and sang as Uncle Will had expressed himself as he wrote home to his family (in Missouri).
A friend and I went to the 2012 Glendale Arizona Folk & Heritage Festival as Bob sang and told stories of the miners.  We were pleased to see that descendants of other miners came to see him.  Bob has a passion to explore Arizona history and to share it in song and story.  Also his passion includes remembering the miners and their contribution to Arizona history.  My sister and I are so pleased to share our heritage with others who want to understand the past." - May 2012

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